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After reviewing Radiant Wraps, LLC's website and their baseboard heater product information and installation guidelines thoroughly, I called their company to discuss my specific installation needs.I called several times on a Friday afternoon and only got a voicemail message with no hours of operation.

This week, I called them on a Friday morning. The woman who answered the phone was surly, unhelpful, unwilling to discussion installation options, and kept saying she'd just email the information to me.

In the middle of our long distance conversation, she put me on hold for several minutes without an apology.They may have an interesting product, but if my interaction is any indication, buy from them at your own risk.

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We got our covers from ventandcover.com, they were really good. Fast shipping and no complaints.


Has anyone bought from ventandcover.com

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I was more than pleased with the quality of the product- well made and they look great.I totally agree with the comments about rude, unprofessional customer service.

My order was late-very late, and when I called to inquire the rude lady I spoke to could not have been less helpful. Once I finally received the register covers, the order was incorrect.

She wasn't very nice about correcting the order either.Now its time to do a couple of more rooms and I want the covers to match but I HATE the thought of having to deal with this company again!

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I retrofitted my entire house and am extremely pleased with the product and customer service.I even received discounts for multiple orders.

Yes, baseboard.com is least expensive, but if you are looking for a detailed, unique look, then Radiant Wraps is the best on the market.:)


I could not agree more with comment made by “arlingtonconsumer.”

Several years back (2007-2009) I placed an order for thousands of $’s worth of product from radiant wraps, and was looking forward to completing another room.(the orders were placed over the phone with verifications sent through email and the person that helped me was very nice)

I called last week to discuss my next order with them but I had to leave voice mail messages that were not returned. On Friday morning, I finally got through to a person…a woman who can only describe as MOST UNHELPFUL, curt, and disrespectful. In an age where good customer service is even more vitally important to businesses than it has ever been, radiant wraps is failing miserably. I will be taking my business, and the 4 other rooms that I need to still complete ($6,000+ in sales) and head over to baseboards.com.


I also called during normal business hours and got voice mail constantly. When I did reach a person on the phone, she was rude. I then found baseboarders.com They seem to be the biggest in the baseboard heater covers business.


Why, are they 'wise guys'? If someone's a jackazz on the phone, then screw them. You don't have to spend Christmas at their house to call them out for being retards.

I have been trying to call these guys during 'business hours' for days and all I get is a message.


Jokers? JOKERS! I would not make comments like that about people you don't know or have never met!


I've heard similar comments about these jokers. I ended up buying my baseboard covers from BaseboardHeaterCovers.com who have a far better product at a much more reasonable price.

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